37pcs Sensor Kit for Arduino 

This is the most complete performance starter kit with all the essential Arduino sensors.

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  • This 37 In 1 Sensor Module Kit for Arduino is supplied with a variety of sensors that are compatible with Arduino Boards.
  • This is the most complete performance starter kit with all the essential Arduino sensors.
  • It comprises 37 Pcs essential Arduino components. The kit includes the latest Arduino components that can be used to turn your idea into a real product.
  • Tons of updated lessons and Arduino codes are available on Google and Youtube for free. It is extremely easy for Arduino fancier to control and use these modules. This kit will help you control the physical world with sensors.

Specifications and Features of 37 In 1 Sensor Module Kit for Arduino:

  • For beginners who are interested in Arduino
  • A complete set of Arduino’s most common and useful electronic components
  • Weight:               450 g
  • Packaging Type:   Box
  • Material:              Circuit board
  • Dimensions:        20cm*10cm*5cm


Package Includes:

  1. Temperature sensor module
  2. Vibration switch module
  3. Hall magnetic sensor module
  4. Key switch module
  5. Infrared emission sensor module
  6. Laser sensor module
  7. Small passive buzzer module
  8. 3-color full-color LED SMD modules
  9. Photo interrupter module
  10. 2-color LED module
  11. Active buzzer module
  12. Temperature sensor module
  13. Temperature and humidity sensor module
  14. 3-color LED module
  15. Mercury open optical module
  16. Photo resistor module
  17. 5V relay module
  18. Tilt switch module
  19. Mini magnetic reed modules
  20. Infrared sensor receiver module
  21. XY-axis joystick module
  22. Linear magnetic Hall sensors
  23. Reed module
  24. Flame sensor module
  25. Magic light cup module
  26. Temperature sensor module
  27. 5mm red and green LED (common cathode) module
  28. Knock sensor module
  29. Obstacle avoidance sensor module
  30. TCRT5000L sensor module
  31. Automatic flashing colorful LED module
  32. Analog Hall magnetic sensor module
  33. Metal touch sensor module
  34. Sensitive small microphone sensor module
  35. Sensitive Big microphone sensor module
  36. Finger measuring heartbeat module
  37. Rotary encoder module


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