316L Metal Filament 1,75mm


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Product Description

Use of Ultrafuse 316L BASF filament

  • The Ultrafuse 316L filament from the manufacturer BASF is a very specific 3D printing filament. It is not a simple filament which aims to reveal a metallic appearance but a filament allowing in 2 steps the manufacture of 100% metallic object.
  • This Ultrafuse 316L filament is a revolutionary filament, it allows through the use of traditional FDM 3D printer the production of parts to be sintered. Sintering is a high temperature firing process that separates the plastic structure from the metal.
  • This sintering then brings the metal into fusion allowing an effective and homogeneous bond.
  • This 2-step printing process begins at home with the printing of the part to be sintered (known as green) and then with the intervention of a service provider for the sintering step.
  • This combination of ultra-technical filament and a dedicated external service provider makes it possible to minimize the manufacturing costs of your metal parts without having to make a significant investment.

Ultrafuse 316L: the main highlights

  • Affordable metal printing: This 316L filament (named after the stainless steel it is made of) developed by BASF is the first filament allowing the printing of a metal part to be sintered. Accessible for the majority of 3D printers on the market, this 2-step printing process is fast, efficient and inexpensive.
  • Good printability: The design of this highly composite filament is developed around a plastic matrix allowing good yarn sliding, efficient extrusion and good inter-layer bonding despite this high metal content.
  • Optimal sintering method: This Ultrafuse 316L filament makes access to a sintering solution specific to this filament easily accessible. Via the acquisition of a dedicated coupon (1 coupon = 1 kilo of part to be sintered), it is quick and easy to access this post-processing solution.
  • If you would like more information on the subject, we invite you to consult the guides available for download and the coupon operating system in the dedicated sheet.

Our recommendations for use with BASF Ultrafuse 316L:

  • The Ultrafuse 316L filament is a filament that requires specific settings. It is strongly recommended to use the existing printing profiles in order to respect the constraints specific to this filament. The printing must be precise and uniform, filling density, shell thicknesses, flow, these parameters are extremely important for the second processing phase.
  • A very specific support management is also necessary and the use of double extrusion will greatly help for this part. This filament is compatible with the majority of FDM printers but is really recommended for professional printers.
  • Be careful not to exceed the recommended extrusion temperature under penalty of high toxicity.

Technology / Product

  • Technology: FDM
  • Visual aspect: Opaque
  • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Moisture Sensitivity: Strong
  • Smell: Yes
  • Harmfulness: Yes
  • Difficulty level: Expert


  • Nozzle type: Hardened steel, ruby
  • Tray temperature min: 90°C
  • Tray temperature max: 120°C min.
  • extruding temperature: 230°C
  • Extruding temperature max: 250°C
  • Min speed: 15mm/s
  • Max speed: 50mm/s
  • Minimum nozzle diameter: 0.5mm
  • Bowden compatibility: Yes
  • Sensitivity to warping: Strong


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