2N6075 (600V / 4A) TO-126

Transistor 2N6075 TO-126 :

  • Model #: 2N6075
  • Enclosure: TO-126
  • Rated current: 4A.
  • Nominal voltage: 600 V.
  • Max power: 54W
  • Max Gate Trigger Current (QI), Igt: 10mA
  • Junction operating temperature range: -55 to 150C 0


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Product Description

The description :

  • The triac is an electronic component used as a controlled switch. It is suitable for alternating voltages and can control electric motors, light dimmers or any other mains load.
  • The triac can drive in both directions, it is bidirectional


It has 3 terminals, which are:

  • Anode 1
  • Trigger
  • Anode 2





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