25N120 IGBT 50A 1200V (TO-3P)

IGBT transistor 25N120 TO-3P:

  • Type: IGBT
  • Model #: 25N120
  • Enclosure: TO-3P
  • Nominal current: 50 A.
  • Nominal voltage: 1200 V.
  • Max power: 349 W



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Product Description

The description :

  • The transistor is an electronic component with three active electrodes which is used in most electronic circuits, it allows to control a current or a voltage on the output electrode This is an IGBT transistor.
  • An IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) consists of a voltage controlled MOSFET followed by a high current transistor





It has 3 terminals, which are:

  • Transmitter.
  • Collector.
  • Based.


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