24pcs Sensors Kit

 24PCS Educational Electronic Kit 2.54MM Connector R3 Kit Sensor

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  • 24pcs Sensors Kit Sensor Switch Temperature Color Module Kit for Arduino

Kit List: 


Kit List Qty
Key switch module 15
Tilt switch module 2
Infrared emission sensor module 1
Temperature Humidity Sensor 1
Passive buzzer / Active buzzer module
Photo resistor module/3W LED module
Hit sensor module /3-color LED module (1pc/each) 2
5V relay module /Laser module
Temperature sensor /Flame sensor
Metal touch sensor /Magic light cup module (1pc/each) 2
Rotary encoder module /Hit sensor module (1pc/each) 2
Mini Line Tracking Sensor module 1
Mini magnetic reed module 1
Infrared sensor receiver module 1
Obstacle avoidance sensor module 1
Sensitive microphone sensor module 1
DS1307 clock module 3
Linear magnetic Hall sensors 1


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