7 Color Flashing LED Module

LED 7 Color Flashing Module

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  • The LED 7 Color Flashing Module incorporates a 5mm tri-color (RGB) LED with red, green and blue LEDs and the logic to cycle through various colors at different speeds all housed in the same package.


  • LED 7 Color Flashing Module


  • RGB (red/green/blue) 5mm LED
  • Built-in control logic to cycle through 7 different colors automatically and at various rates
  • This module provides an eye catching flashing display without a lot of work.
  • The LED contains logic built-in to automatically flash the LED at different rates while cycling through the 7 possible colors of red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan and white by mixing the different LED colors.  The LED body is water clear.
  • Because it has built-in driver, it can be simply wired between 5V and ground to operate (will also work at 3.3V) or it can be controlled by the output pin of an MCU.  A current limiting resistor of 220 ohms or greater should be used to protect the MCU and LED module from excessive current.

Module Connections:

  • There is a 3-pin header on the assembly.
  • There are a couple of different pin-out labeling in these modules.   Refer to the pictures for clarification.

1 x 3 Male Header :

  • S = Signal input is attached to a digital output pin on MCU or to can be hooked to 3.3 – 5V to have LED permanently on.  Needs current limiting resistor.
  • – / Center pin =  Ground
  • 3rd pin is not used
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