Rebaling Kit for 90×90 (Blue)

BGA resoldering kit, universal stencil, 90 x 90mm, blue, with hand shank

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Product Description


  • The stencil is made of high quality stainless steel.
  • High quality BGA jig with all coating, not easily oxidized.
  • The use of more durable and wear-resistant!
  • The BGA remodeling station is universal because it can be reballed with solder ball and solders paste.
  • BGA replay station positions the bga chips in four directions.
  • Slider slider freely implants out diameter 5mm-50mm and meets laptop, BGA chip and mobile phone, box machine chip!


BGA stencil specifications:

  • 0.3mm universal
  • 0.35mm universal
  • 0.4mm universal
  • 0.45mm universal
  • 0.5mm universal
  • 0.55mm universal
  • 0.6 (pitch = 1.0 mm) universal
  • 0.6 (pitch = 0.9mm) universal
  • 0.6 (pitch = 1.1 mm) universal
  • 0.76 (pitch = 1.27 mm) universal


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