Multi-function Auto Circuit tester

Multifunction Auto Circuit Tester Electric Multimeter, Car Repair Lamp, Automotive Electrical Multimeter, 0V-380V Digital Display

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Product Description

Product Description:

1. It can accurately detect various line faults in the situation where no damage to the rubber cover.

2. It sets the multimeter and the test lamp which has the functions that the high level multimeter cannot do. It specially detects wires with poor contact and aging wires.

3. It can detect every fault in a place where the space is narrow and the light is dim.

* The product is the only four in one product with the functions of multimeter, test lamp, illumination lamp and probe.

* All functions of digital multimeter are smart. Backlight automatically turns off after 30s backlight. All ranges are smart, and the instrument automatically turns off after stopping use for 20 minutes.

* It is convenient to use, efficient to detect, easy to operate, and has reliable performance.


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