K Radiolink TS100 Mini M8N 8N GPS Module for Radiolink Mini PIX Pixhawk FPV RC Quadcopter Multirotor Flight Controller

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Product Description


  • Pre-LNA low-loss circuit design that exactly matches ceramic chip antennas has improved the ability to capture extremely weak signals even if disturbed by an ideal filter.
  • The optimal circuit layout ensures that the TS100 can grab very weak signals and effectively suppress input interference at the same time. Positioning accuracy of
  • 50 cm, positioning of 20 satellites in 6 seconds in open ground and the ability to hold the station even at the bottom of the valley.


  • With lightweight and portable size, it is easy and convenient to carry and use.

Product parameters:

  • Size: 32*30*12mm
  • Positioning accuracy: positioning accuracy reaches 0.5m, and single-mode accuracy is 2.5m in dual mode
  • Protocol: NMEA
  • Speed ​​measurement accuracy: 0.1 M/S
  • Max height: 50000M
  • Max speed: 515m/S
  • Max acceleration: 4G
  • Update rate: 10Hz
  • Sensitivity: tracking-167dbm, capture-163dbm, cold start-151dbm, warm start-159dbm
  • Start time : cold start 26 seconds, hot start 1 second
  • Power supply: voltage 5vdc+-5%, current 50-55ma
  • Interface: a.gps
  • UART interface, baud rate: 9.6 KB B.Geomagnetic I2C interface


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