BGA IC Epoxy Glue Remover, Cell Phone Chip Clean BGA IC Liquid Adhesive Remover

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  • BGA IC adhesive removal liquid softens and removes resin and sealing glue from BGA IC chip of mobile phones.
  • Its ingredients are eco-friendly and the safest. It has good permeability.
  • It can quickly soften and loosen solidified resin adhesive such as phenolics, epoxy, acrylate, polyurethane, organza.
  • It does not harm the circuit board and component, even maintenance personnel.
  • Capacity: 30ml.


1. Use tweezers to pick out a larger size piece of cotton wool from the BGA chip and dip it into the glue remover.
2. Put the cotton wool on the BGA chip and cover
it 3. Place a plastic bag or film on top and cover the PCB board
4. Wait 20 minutes.
5. Redo steps 1-4
6. Use tweezers to remove the softened sealing glue around the BGA
7. Use a hot air gun (300 deg. C) to heat the chip. The glue at the bottom will melt and soften with heat
8. Use tweezers/cutter to remove the chip

Attention: glue remover liquid, it should not touch the skin, eyes, close it after use. In case of accidental contact, please use water to clean it.



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